Marketing the Ultimate Internship Program to Today’s Students

by Tara Carapellucci, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Rosenfield & Co, PLLC

A key component to ensuring internal growth in your company lies within Generation Z. Developing and cultivating an internship programme is essential to providing a bench of custom guided future full time team members for your organisation. Understand the difference between hiring staff and hiring interns. The two should be approached differently.

Start by developing relationships with career coaches at your local colleges in the disciplines that best serve your organisation. These individuals are the faculty mentors to the students and have the best match making skills between the student body and employers. Be transparent with your ideal candidate qualifications. From GPA to extracurricular projects, keep an open mind on a well-rounded student, who is ideally in their sophomore or junior year.

The marketing of an internship boils down to honesty. Students want a sneak peek into life working for you before making their commitments. The market for internships is as competitive as the job market. You want to articulate the exciting components of working at your organisation. Casual dress, flexible scheduling and the ability to work on real world work in progress are some of the most desirable qualities of an employer. Dedicate a page of your website to potential interns with this information, or create a YouTube channel with testimonials of previous interns that transitioned to full time, to help convey your message. Spread the word for a rewarding programme for staff development.

Since 1996, Rosenfield & Company, PLLC has continually strengthened its skill set in several niche industries through their work in Tax, Attest and Consulting services. As a CPA firm, their services are offered globally to clients, with offices located in Central Florida and Greater New York.

Tara Carapellucci joined Rosenfield & Co in 2015 as the Director of Marketing & Business Development. Her primary focus is on ways to connect the firm’s clients to the vast resources of the firm.

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